Shri Hari Gita is among those who have popularized the Bhagavad GitaPandit Dina Nath Bhargava ‘Dinesh’ has an enviable place. He has given the subject a new angle. He has a style of his own gifted with a deep and musical voice, he can hold the attention of the most unwilling of listeners.

So much has been written on the Gita that there seems little scope for anything original or new. The only thing one can do is to emphasize one aspect of it or the other. To take the three top com mentators, Shankaracharya has stressed the Jnana aspect, Tilak the Karma aspect and Gyaneshwar the Bhakti aspect but Dinesh believes in a sort of a via media, broadly speaking, a combination of all the three…

“Dinesh’ did his commentary, the GEETA GYAN, after a perusal of some 150 books on the subject including quite a few by Western scholars. For some years in his youth he was studying the subject day in and day out…… He had been broadcasting….. from A.I.R. which brought him quite a name…

Gita discourse primarily Dinesh discovered his life vocation rather accidentally, He said he had never planned for it… One day as he was proudly reciting a piece to Mahatma Lochan Das, a saint he held in high esteem he was given advice that changed the pattern of his life. “Why don’t you devote yourself to something better,” said the Mahatma, “You have talent.” What was obviously meant was the study of Scriptures and Dinesh’s choice fell on the

“Song of the Lord.”

Actually Dinesh’s pursuits as a young man proved very help ful to him when he turned a preacher later

Dinesh can answer almost any question on the Gita and the Scriptures in general. He has also studied the religious books of other faiths…In his discourses he invariably brings out parallels from them….

Dinesh is the author of some 20 books…..Dinesh is in the thick of religious activity… When he grows old he might undertake a tour of the country, mainly in the propagation of his favourite book

Asked if he had any plans to renounce the world, he said, “No”. The

“Centre”, he indicated broadly, “lay in the very world in the stream of human activity.”

  • The Hindustan Times dated 17th September, 1957.